Optimizing OpenGL performance on a MacOS X System

I am on a PowerBook G4 17", and when running UT 2004, I get noticible lag. Is there any way to optimize OpenGL or install a new version, or recompile something so it runs with less lag? The graphics card in this laptop is a GeForce4 with 64MB VRAM, so there arent any problems there, and the processor is a 1GHz G4.

anyway, thanks for the help


Short answer:


Long answer:

Your Geforce4 is actually a “Geforce4 4x0 Go” GPU which is basically a speed bumped Geforce2MX, now that means it is not nearly as fast as a “real” Geforce4TI and doesnt support all the features either (shaders for example).

I found UT2K3 barely playable on a Geforce4MX (thats my personal opinion of course) so I am not supprised that UT2K4 dont work well on one.

The thing is, on my computer, to have any playability, I have to turn half of the graphics options off, and crank the resolution way down. On my friend’s machine, which is of much lower specs, it runs fine at 800x600 with default graphics options.

here’s a breakdown of our respective machines:

PowerBook G4 17"
1.0GHz G4
64MB GeForce4 440 Go 4x AGP
17" 16:9 aspect LCD Panel
64k L1
256k L2
1MB L3
167MHz FSB
Mac OS X.3.2

PowerBook G4 Titanium 15"
867MHz G4
512 PC133 SDRAM
32MB ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility 4x AGP
15" TFT Widescreen Display
64k L1
256k L2
1MB L3
133 MHz FSB
Mac OS X.2.8

this puzzles me, because I have a better machine overall than he does, but for some reason, his machine is better at UT2k4 than mine, Nonwithstanding the fact that UT2k4 is subtly tweaked in nVidia’s favour.

any suggestions/comments/questions?

UT2k3 works perfectly on my machine.


Its quiet simple:

The Radeon 9000 beats the crap out of the Geforce4 440 Go and it supports pixel and vertex shaders v1.x the 440 doesnt.

You may have the faster system but he has the better and faster GPU and thats what matters most in 3d games.