OpenVX roadmap

Is there any official or unofficial roadmap for OpenVX specification and sample implementation development?

Can you be more specific? We are requesting feedback on the 1.0 provisional specification as-is today. We do intend to produce later versions if there is interest. We would not disclose what would strictly be entailed from a feature point of view, but we would like to hear if there are missing Computer Vision Kernels that are very common (and are amicable to be accelerated) which we are missing.

I’m interested about the planned timings (if any) of the development.

Of the open source sample implementation? Or when the next milestone (1.1, etc) released?

Both of them :smiley:

Whenever the spec is finalized, then 1.1 is after that. :slight_smile:

The open source implementation will be sometime around final spec too. Though we may surprise you and release it earlier.

It may be more productive to discuss what is in or not in 1.0 that makes you ask about 1.1? Are you looking for something in particular?