OpenVG and i.MX31


My first post in this forum, so please be nice… :wink:

I’m currently looking into run OpenVG applications in a Linux environment on a freescale i.MX31 CPU. (GPU: MBX Lite)
Linux is up and running, but I lack low level drivers/libs to interface with the MBX chipset/CPU.

  • Has anyone run HW accelerated OpenVG on Linux/i.MX31 before?
  • Are there any open source implementations that you know about?
  • I’ve heard that AMD should have done some implementation, but haven’t found anything confirming this.

Any input is much appreciated!
// Birger

Evaluation versions of AmanithVG SRE (software rasterizer engine) and AmanithVG GLE (OpenGL/ES accelerated engine) for the Freescale i.MX31(L) are available from Mazatech. If you are interested, feel free to contact me privately.