i am using openscenegraph for rendering .flt files.Using osgviewer i can walk thru .flt file. my model(.flt) is forest terrain.
my problem is, i am seeing white line between two trees.what may be the problem?
is it problem of visual database? i have a image showing the problem.i have marked the problem in red. Please help me to find out the solution.
Thanks in advance.

Link to the image

Good grief, rguru! Is there any GL forum you “didn’t” spam? Don’t cross-post! Your post has nothing to do with OpenGL Shading Language, Linux, Math and Algorithms, etc. This question is either “Beginners” or “User Hardware, Software, & Gaming Help”, depending on whether you’re a GL developer or a GL user.

Now to your problem…

That’s a standard alpha blending problem.

You’re not drawing your alpha-blend geometry in a proper back-to-front ordering. Consequently, the alpha-blend region of the tree texture is blending with sky, ground, or some such – whatever was behind it when you drew it, because it was drawn “before” some objects behind it.

Solution is to sort them properly, or use multisample alpha (aka screen-door transparency, aka alpha to coverage).

And finally, please do not cross-post. That kind of spam is annoying and discourages folks from wanting to help you. Find the most appropriate forum and post it once. Most of us read all the non-platform-specific forums anyway (e.g. I read everything but Windows and Mac).