opengl32.dll ver 4.0.1381.7113

I am currently looking for the Windows NT version of opengl32.dll with the MS stamp of 4.0.1381.7113.

Per MS support article 313364, the older version of that file can cause access violations, however, MS only offers the file via their pay for support program.

The system is a Gateway E-3400
P3 800 MHZ
ATI Rage 128 Video card (update to the latest drivers per Gateway and ATI)
128 MB Ram

One of my users machines is continually randomly locking up and it seems to be when rendering large graphics in websites or other applications. I have been searching the web for a couple of hours with no luck finding this file.

Other attributes to the file i am looking for are:
Date 02-Dec-01
Time 00:20
Size 700,176

If anybody has a copy of this or knows where i can get a copy to see if it will resolve my problem, I would owe them huge

Thanks in advance


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