Have an aging ASUS geforce 1 SDR with latest NVIDIA drivers (21.83). Wondering if there is a way to control OPENGL settings such as brightness and colour as these drivers do not have such controls (Is there a util?). The really OLD asus drivers allowed you to control the OPENGL and Direct3D brightness/colour controls but all the new detonators do not.
Is this solely a driver limitation?

I hear you. Can’t help, but I also have this card, and my impression is that NVIDIA reference drivers provide less and less control, and that ASUS has the worse support of any company I’ve ever bought stuff from (and considering that I bought several ATI cards, that has to say something

Yer. I agree… Asus has shocking driver support. They havent updated my card (v6600) since v3.75. This doesnt really matter though to most people as the detonator all-in-ones are good enough. Only prob is the constantly degrading lack of customization (OPENGL etc.). Makes me want to go get a new card, but don’t see much benefit now as I only play HL CS and Q2 and don’t really need any extra fps. Will prolly get new one when get new comp beginning of next year. Doesn’t solve my annoying problem tho =[

Does anyone know if there are utils which allow you to change the OPENGL brightness/colour settings? There must be some other way… Are the newest detonators still the same? Might have to keep trying out different drivers… grr somebody help!!