OPENGL is soo complicated. I downloaded it for Star Trek Eleite Force and then I come to this site to download GL.
Where the heck do I put those files it stashes on my desktop?! Opengl reminds me of Cheating Death which is as bad as that.
Tell me where the heck I put those FILES!

You’re gonna need to give us more details:

  • What OS are you on?
  • Which files are you talking about? Where exactly did you download them from?
  • Why isn’t OpenGL already working for you (ie: what prompted you to go look for “files”?)

Make sure you have the latest OpenGL hardware driver for your video board. Each OpenGL accelerator manufacturer writes their own OpenGL drivers. So if you need a new or updated driver, go to the manufacturer’s web site for your OpenGL accelerator board and download and install their latest OpenGL driver.