OpenGL with Toshiba T6963c graphics controller


I’m new to all of this OpenGL and graphics in general. So I’m not too familiar with everything in the subject.

I was wondering if i could get some help on something.

Basically, I am tring to write a graphics library for an embedded device which run on a Motorola HC08 processor. It uses a Toshiba T6963c controller and display on a PowerTip LCD device.

The program needs to be written in C and the Toshiba controller has a very basic library at the moment. The function include, SetPixel, ClearPixel, ClearGraph, ClearText, LCD_Text. I am attempting to write a library so that simple things like lines, sprites and other shapes can be drawn.

I was just wondering how i would interface the T6936c driver with the OpenGL binding?

Any advice will be appreciated…


check this: