OpenGL with GeForce 2 Go in Dell Laptop

I want to use professional 3D CAD programmes like ProEngineer and therefore I need OpenGL.
What could I do to get such programmes running on my Dell Inspiron 8100 Notebook with a GeForce2 Go 32MB?
I have installed the programme but does not start!
Are their OpenGL drivers for my Graphics Card?

Thanks for your help…

Visit and download the drivers for your laptop. GL drivers are always included in the video drivers by the manufacturer.

It could also be a problem with ProEng if it just doesn’t start.

As Deguy already pointed out this may not even be a problem with OpenGL at all.

Did you check the Pro/Engineer FAQ yet?

Or the PTC knowledgebase?

Anyway you need to provide more details (operating system, display driver version, ProEngineer version, what kind of Errormessage… yadayada).