OpenGl with BorlandC++???? HELP!

i just bought BorlandC++ 5.02. I went to a site and downloaded glut for windows, and “tried” to follow their instructions, but they were VERY confusing and undetailed. Can anyone help me install correctly glut, gl, glu and everything else i need to run compile and execute opengl programs with Borland? As much help as i can get would be very helpful! Thank you!

Ill try to help you…

  1. Download some kind of OpenGL package. I used SGI OpenGL for windows and I got it working.

  2. Create lib files from the dll files you got with the package. Use the implib tool you got from Borland. ex implib glu.lib glu.dll creates glu.dll

  3. If you want glut. Download a precompiled glut ver. found at and use implib at that dll to.

  4. You might need to create winmm.lib from winmm.dll to. (I had to)

  5. Copy all .lib files to borlands lib direcotry.

In Borland.

  1. When you create a project it should be a console project.

  2. If you are using glut. Add glut.lib to your project by using addnode. (dont ask why)

help! i tried some other things, and now i’m getting errors refering to declaration errors in “GLU.h”!!! why??? i thought glu should work? anyhelp?

You probably need to include windows.h before including gl.h or glu.h

What the?
You can turn any dll in a lib, and any lib in a dll using some kind of tool? You know what that could mean for installations? How come I never heard of such a tool, is it some kind of new Borland-only thingy you get with the compiler?

Mike The Spike

PS. This could change the world!

Don’t dream !
The lib created from the dlls are used to resolve external links : when you use opengl32.dll, you must include opengl32.lib in your program so the compiler can know where the functions are in the dll. It’s NOT a lib, but the extension is the same !
So the world stay as it is :wink: