OpenGL + WinXP:We need a solution

this is nuts!my graphics card is from diamond multimedia inc. and it just does not exsist anymore.How the hell am i going to get my opengl games to work if there is no such drivers to download…this sucks big time.Anyone out there know how to fix this god forsaken mess?

Without the smartass reply of “buy a new graphics card.”…lol

Hi there Hiromeka,
Although I am no master myself with OPENGL, and the problem I am currently encountering is nothing like yours, I read your post and it rang a bell.
So when I checked other posts on this forum, I found this link for you:
Apparently, this is a site that offers a means of using direct3D to run OPENGL programs, it is of little use to me, I hope you find it useful.

If it doesnt solve your problem, then I would look harder for drivers for your card, I am sure they are available somewhere, try E-Mailing the card manufacturers?