OpenGL, Win98SE, GeForce4 Ti 4200

This topic may sound familiar.

Here’s my setup:
ECS K7S5A motherboard
Athlon 1800+
PNY Verto GeForce4 Ti4200 64MB
DirectX 9.0
NVidia driver V. 41.09

OpenGL doesn’t work. In the display properties everything is listed correctly, but something is getting lost on the way to the apps that need it. Everything I try, from games to diagnostics says it can’t find OpenGL in the registry. I DO have a key where one particular app says it’s looking, which reads:

RIVATNT “nvopengl.dll”

I know that the card works because my machine dual boots into linux, and everything over there works great(like I needed another reason to dislike windows).

I’ve tried pretty much every fix I can find on this forum. I’m not paying $20 for that SciTech thing, since it seems to me it’s an emulator or the like, and several people have said it has produced limited results. I am becoming more and more convinced that the answer lies in the registry, but I have no idea what needs to be where.

The first thing I would like is for anyone who has a similar setup working to give me some info on what resides in their registry. In particular:


I downloaded this program:

And it gave me the following report:

Compiled vertex array support.
This extension improve OpenGL performances by used video memory for vertex transformation.

No 8bit palette texture support.
This may leads performance loss on some old applications.

Multitexture support.
This features speed up rendering complex rendering like lightmaps or environment mapping.

Secondary color support.
This feature enables specular lighting on polygons.

S3TC compression support.
This feature can increase texture mapping bandwidth in some applications by using a loss-compression mode.

nVidia VAR extension found.
This feature can improve some recent applications by using AGP for dynamic transformation.

Texture Edge Clamp extension found.
This feature enables an important DX6 feature for texture mapping.

Vertex Program extension found.
This feature enables vertex programming (DX8 Vertex Shader). This extensions might be required for actual or future OpenGL programs.

No Fragment program extension found.
This feature enables per pixel programming (DX8 Pixel Shader) Some for actual or future OpenGL programs may requires this extensions to run.

Texture Anisotropic filtering extension found.
This feature improves quality texture mapping quality rendering.

Occlusion test support
This extension provides an hardware accelerated culling for objects.

No ICD Registry Entry.
The current OpenGL driver doesn’t expose the SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows (NT)/CurrentVersion/OpenGLDrivers registry entry. Unable to detects driver version, driver revision name and filename.

Any help would be appreciated greatly. I would really like to see the issues with OpenGL that seem to overrun this forum fixed.



I have the same problem with Win98 and OpenGL, only with a Geforce 4 MX440-SE. I am also looking for a solution but haven’t found anything usefull yet.

well that GLDirect thing doesnt work i downloaded a trial of it and it does **** all. my opengl is messed too and its f***ing gay.