OpenGL Virgin in need of HELP!

I’m working on fixing a friends computer. It’s a Dell Precision 610 W/station with dual 500’s. Machine came with a 3Dlabs Oxygen 2000 GMX card. Worked fine under Windows NT until recently. Machine becamse so currupt I had to wipe the HDD. I loaded XP on it in hopes that the newer OS would provide a better environment for the machine to be used for both 3d rendering/drawing and some “smaller” games…I can’t get XP to see/recognize the card at all…I can’t find any drivers that will cooperate…does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the configuration so it will use the card…or can someone recommend a new card that won’t cost an arm and a leg?
I’ve been a “tech” guy for about 5 years but never messed with the OpenGL stuff. And I know to run the 3D software etc, the video card needs to support it.

Did you try the 3Dlabs Windows 2000 drivers?

By the way, the support you want should be coming from 3DLabs… good luck there, though.