OpenGL v1.2 (Secrets of Solstice)

Yep. This game again. Not even sure what drivers to say. The SoS did tell me to send them my dxdiag info and I did.

System Manufacturer: VIA Technologies, Inc.
System Model: P4X400-8235
Processor: Intel® Celeron® CPU 2.20GHz, ~2.2GHz
Memory: 512MB RAM

    Card name: XGI Volari Family v1.12
 Manufacturer: XGI Technology, Inc.
    Chip type: XGI Volari-V3/XGI Volari-XP5

I think the drivers for it should support GL 1.4
Download drivers from your manufacturer website:

People who have ati,
People who have nvidia,
and so on.

Hn. I don’t really understand all that much about what I’m supposed to download. >o< Or search for. OpenGL 1.4? A driver?

Download the video driver.

Select “Desktop” (or maybe mobile, depends on your case), then “Volary V3”, then your operating system.

I have an s3 graphics prosavage ddr any ideas how I can get opengl 1.2 or higher? ive looked everywhere but cant find it. any help wpuld be appreciated.

see here what OpenGL version is supported by your s3. getting most of your gfx card is possible by installing latest drivers. if something is not supported, nothing you can do about it only via software rendering which is way to slow.