OpenGL, UT, and GeForce2 MX

I’ve been running UT v436 with Direct3D. Recently, I started using OpenGL. I was happy with the performance that I gained with OpenGL. However, the game is very dark even after I maxed out the brightness and contrast settings of both the game and the monitor itself. Does anyone know a cure for this? And one more question, does anybody know if Abit KT7A-RAID v1.1 support GeForce 4 or perhaps any other AGP 2.0 compliant cards, because I’ve bought 2 GeForce 4 cards and the board just wouldn’t recognize me and would not even POST. Any suggestions?
Thank You

My System:
AMD Duron 850
512 MB PC133
Creative Annihilator GeForce 2 MX

Hi, I got the same problem if I play UT in a window. If it’s fullscreen, I don’t know.

My problem is that I can’t find or install OpenGL for windows 2000. Any suggestions?