OpenGL Updates To Play CS 1.6

does any1 knwo where i could get some updates on opengl on cs 1.6… i keep getting fps drops.

e.g one min ill have like 100 fps then ill get like 4

oh and forgot to say :\ card :
ATI Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP

If you get 100 fps I dare say your OpenGL is just working fine. The sudden drop in FPS is more likley caused by some other software eating up all your CPU power.

Have you checked for viruses/trojans/spyware lately (the most common CPU hugging source for the unwary internet user)???

i need to know were i can download the latest opengl driver i really need it and i dont know were to egin so plz email me at thx
Kenshin Kokubunji

The latest OpenGL drivers are included in your graphics card drivers.

If you have an ATI card:
If you have an Nvidia card:

Every other card/chip is a lost cause anyway.