OpenGL Unsupported message ?

I’m having problems running the nVidia Demo Suite with my new CLAP on Win98.

When I run the “bubble” demo I get a message box that says :
Unsupported : GL_EXT_texture_cube_map
Defaulting to sphere texture.

The “bubble” demo goes into a beeping fest and I have to kill the “Bubble”

Most of the other Demo apps run very slowly.
I don’t seem to have problems with anything that uses Direct3D.
Wheel of Time works real well.
Any ideas ?

Dwight Funk

It works now !
I got this from another thread.

1.Click Start / Run.

2.Type “win.ini” (without quotes) and press OK.

3.Search for a line that says “DVA=0” (without quotes).

4.Add a semicolon ( before the DVA (The line should now look like this: “;DVA=0” (without quotes))

5.Save and close the file