OpenGL subsystem not loading

With both Quake III and Need for Speed III my system doesn’t load the game. Quake at least gives a good error message. The screen error message states “GW_START OPENGL()-Could not load OpenGL subsystem”. I’m using a Mirage Illutionist 3D card with 16 megs of memory.
Any help will be appreciated.

I am having a similar problem with my Mac trying to load Quake III-- "Could not initialize OpenGl. If you get any help could you e-mail me at

I have found two problems intertwined. Both have to do with the video card. First, when I installed the card I had to turn off all hardware acceleration to stop the system from freezing. Second, the card wasn’t OpenGL compatable. Both problems pointed to a bad driver/card design. I talked to the company yesterday (4/24) and they’re sending me a new card (with 32 megs of memory) that they say is OpenGL compliant and the driver works with Windows.