openGl stereo 3d

Hi guys, i’ve a problem:
i’ve a Nvidia GeForce GTS 350 M and shutter glasses… i’m able to see 3d video with the shutters, but not the 3d stereo OpenGl samples…
Do you know why? Can you help me?

Complain to Nvidia.
Which “3d stereo OpenGl samples” are you talking about ?

Anything made with OpenGl, from youtube videos to c++ games.

… youtube videos are certainly not powered by OpenGL.
Try the Nvidia forums about 3D vision.

hi,I Have a problem. I developed a 3d stereo application based on Opengl. But i don’t know how to set “NVIDIA Control Panel” to realize the 3d stereo on our passive stereo projection system, whose details are above:

  1. Principle:Single-channel passive stereo projection ;
  2. Projector:Barco Gemini (two) ;
  3. Glasses: with polarizer ;