OpenGL starting delay with Radeon 9600 Pro

I just replaced my GeForce 4 MX with a Radeon 9600 Pro. All Benchmarks gave me better results than with my old card. But my problem seems to be OpenGL section: Sometimes a start an OpenGL application, it delays the window creation for about 10 to 15 seconds. Also, when logging into Windows 2000, the screen goes black for 10 seconds and then the desktop appears.
I then installed Catalyst 3.7 (had 3.9 before) and at least the windows starting delay disappeared. But the delay when starting OpenGL apps is still there.

The next problem is BattleCraft 2.0, the Battlefield 1942 editor. The 3D is awful slow. With my old card I could work in realtime, with the new card its about 5 fps. But not in all viewing modes: Normal textured mode is ok, but if I want to see the extra information too (which are often viewed by points and lines) it gets slow.

Any ideas?