OpenGL Settings For Counter Strike

I play Counter-Strike in an OpenGL mode. Everytime I create/join a game, it just freezes about 5 minutes into the game. My Computer passes the recommended system requirements. I have a Windows XP, Pentium4 2.0Ghz with 512RAM and my graphic card is an Intel 82845G. I have the latest drivers for OpenGL, but I need help configuring the settings, please help me set the settings for running Counter-Strike correctly.
My current settings are:
Asynchronous Flip -----------Off
Triple Buffering -------Default
Flipping Policy ------------Flip
Depth Buffer Bit Depth -------Default
Force S3TC Texture Compression------Off
Force FXT1 Texture Compression-------Off
Driver Memory Footprint--------Normal
Texture Color Depth----Desktop Color Depth
Anisotropic Filtering–Application Control

Please Guide Me Through To What I Should Change.

Thanks Alot!