openGL probs with HL-CS with new video card

I got my friends old video card, ASUS AGP V6800 DDR, (he got the new redon 9700 pro by ATI) and after I installed it and the new card and drivers I played CS once and after that time every time I turn on the CS the spiret stuff (the money, the other players, my hand and gun and everything that is not the non-changing terrain) is flashing infront of me on and off in waves (from top to bottom)

can anyone help me on this one, I tryed everything I know and it’s just frustrating.

10x in advence for anyone who trys to help me

What drivers are you using?

What version of CS are you using?

Have you considered posting your problem in the CS support forum?

I’m using the 44.03 vesion driver from ASUS home site
and CS is 1.5 V (with my old card it worked like a charm)

(p.s: I’m sorry for the miss spelling I’m from israel so english is not my mother language)

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