Opengl problems with Radeon 9700?

Hi there!
I’ve got a HSI Excalibur Radeon 9700, MSI KT4ultra mainboard ,an athlon xp 2700 and WinXp Pro.
Every time I start a game that runs under opengl [ut2003, q3, serious sam 2] my screen freezes and I have to reboot. Do I need a new opengl version or something?

I highly suggest you choose an opengl implementation BESIDES microsofts if you already haven’t done so. Microsofts implementation is software based and will not take advantage of your videocards acceleration capabilities. SGIs’ latest opengl implementation is the best in my opinion due to it letting you use your video cards acceleration capabilities if you have an ICD driver installed.
You have an ATI card installed, so if you already haven’t installed the driver that came on the CD, or better yet, gone to the website and downloaded the CATALYST driver set, then I suggest you do so at once.
Good luck.

I have an ATI card and I had a similar problem. I recently contacted ATI and received many helpful solutions to try. I found that some BIOS settings they suggested helped my games run stable, even though I still experience occassional lock ups. Try e-mailing those in charge of support for your card, and try everything.