OpenGl problems with Hercules 3D Prophet 4000xt


I’ve already installed the latest driver and still I’m having problems with OpenGl Games like Quake 3Arena, Gl Hexen 2, 3D Doom.
Quake3 Arena can only be played with the GL extensions off en 3D Doom (JDoom Launcher) when I allow ‘non-accelerated drivers’.
Hexen 2 can’t be played in GL mode.
When I try to play it like it should be my system (AMD athlon 1Ghz,384 MB ram, Win 98 + Dirext 8.0a) hangs. The screen freezes and the sounds go further in a ‘loop’.Only rebooting helps.
I also did some trouble shouting with Directx but with no results.
Anybody an idea or do I have to wait for new drivers from Kyro (Hercules).