OpenGL problem

Hello there.

I had this problem for quite a while now. So, this is my graphics card: Mobile Intel® 45 Express Chipset Family and it had OpenGL as long as i remember, but i updated my system to Windows 10 and ever since i did that i can’t play The Binding of Isaac which is my favorite game ever. Then i used the Samsung recovery system with hope that OpenGL will be back on my laptop. Sadly, it wasn’t. Now i just installed fresh Windows 7 Home Premium because i thought OpenGL would be installed again, but guess what. :doh:

I know that there is a way to get OpenGL for this card, but i don’t know how to do that. I hope somebody can help me.

Being that I actually come from that old of hardware, before I got the current laptop that is. I can tell you with certainty that it is possible for some Intel Express Chipsets to have some very small amount of OpenGL Support. My advice would be to find advice from Minecraft forums, as that’s where I went when I first began playing Minecraft and continued to get blackscreens. For the most part these forums are a bit more on the driver bug lines.

Hope that can help you go in the right direction anyway.