OpenGl probelm on i3

I am running windows 7 64 bit premium.
I have just got my new computer and it is running the:
Intel HD graphics corei3 set processor and integrated graphics.
None of my software is being allowed to use the open gl that the graphics does support, for example:
Photoshop cs5 extended and after effects cs5.

I have updated the latest drivers.

I see no options for open gl in the control panel. But I do see a few 3D related options that matter not how I tweak them.

I have run glviewer (extension viewer) and it says that open gl is supported and gives me a load of info I know little about.

I noticed that another member had a similar problem and said he updated direct x , I am running version 10 and when I look for a new version so called version 11) I can not get to a straight download of it and would like to know if it would even help or am I missing some thing?

Intel and confirmed that my driver is up to date and that the graphics does support it.

Please help.



Your software is not allowed to use OpenGL?
What does the glViewer say about the GL version?
Does it mention the vendor name as Intel inc?

Do GL based game run like Quake 3 Arena (demo), Doom 3 (demo), Quake Wars, Half-Life 1.

yes my software is allowed to use open gl and I have been using open gl for 3 years now, in after effects and also in Photoshop.

In Photoshop it is detecting open gl but not letting me get into the advanced settings, I only got it to let me use 3d after tweaking some of the settings in the hd controller but more tweaking has not improved the situation.
glviewer says I have version 2.1 and gives me a load of options to change different settings and a list of extensions, like 94 I think.
it also mentions intel and my hd graphics.
also says it is version 2.1 (open gl) and also list the driver which is the latest driver confirmed by intel.
It also says I have shader version 4 vs and ps.
and direct x 9.0.c drirectx 10

dadiag says I have version 11 but my hd controller says version 10, I know they both should work with this graphics. I have also updated directx just increase.
Whether I have version 10 or 11 or directx I cant confirm as the above explains, I also cant find a straight download to version 11, I always end up at a different version.

unfortunately I dont play games at all, but if there is some where on the net I can test it I would be more than happy to do that.

Lastly just to confirm that my software definitely 100% support open gl and actually wants to have open gl for some of the capability’s of the program.

Thankyou for your response on this matter.

Since glviewer says you have version 2.1, that seems good.
I don’t know what the advanced thing is about in Photoshop since I don’t use it. Perhaps Adobe has their own forums.

For some game demoes like Doom 3, the ID games ftp would have it ( with user id = anonymous and you don’t need a password).

Well Photoshop is not acting any difference apart from not allowing me to access the advanced open gl settings, but at least it is saying it is there.
After Effects is saying that no video card with open gl has been found so it wont let me render from open gl, instead it is suing hard ware accelerated rendering, which is what it used to use a few years back before supporting open gl. I have checked with adobe and they list by graphics (HD graphics ) as compatible with the software so not sure what is going on,.
I can double my ram to enable multiprocessing any in AE.
Also glviewer is listing a lot more extensions than my old card that did show up in After Effects so it is definitely there and supported.
Maybe AE will only see open gl if on a card and not when integrated with CPU, that is my only opinion now, I have contacted acer and intel and they both say same as i have said here.
I have seen a list of games that this CPU can handle and it is definitely using open gl to that!

So I am considering getting a card for this machine but that is easier said than done, but thats for another forum I think.

Thankyou for your help.