OpenGL poor performance

Hi people I have a P4 1.8, 512mb ddr, and a ati radeon 9100 128mb graphics card. I have windows XP, and I can get openGL to run with the newest catalyst drivers off the internet and also with the default drivers off the install cd. The only problem is that jedi outcast (my only opengl game) runs extremely slow when more than 2 stormtroopers are on the map. It runs at about 15 fps at most. My friend has an Athlon XP 1800+ with a Ti4200 128MB 256MB ddr, and he runs the game perfectly all the time. No matter what option in performance or quality I set in the game options or in the options for the driver, the game still runs ridiculously slow for a P4. Sometimes the game becomes unplayable. It doesn’t crash, it just runs very slow. I am running it on a relatively clean computer. Does anyone know how to fix this??


This is undoubtedly a problem with the architecture of the video card it self. I do not see a solution except to get a better video card. Good luck.

I get the impression that wasn’t your original graphics board. Did you reformat when you put your new board in?

This blows so much, I bought a new shiny radeon9100 cus i found my geforce1 to be too slow, and infact, i had much better performance in games with my olde good geforce1!!!