opengl or not

I don’t know if this is an OpenGL related problem or what. A little while ago, my computer for no reason just started to screw up. Whenever I run these games at some random time they will cease to work, but reinstalling fixes them until the next crash hits. They are Everquest, Tribes 2, Homeworld, Homeworld: Cataclysm, and others. These all worked a long time ago, but I havn’t done anything any now they don’t. I have completely rebuilt my system and am still having problems.

In HW and HW:C I start them and it does the “Encountered a problem and needs to close” error. In Tribes 2 I start it and it just flashes back to the desktop, without T2 starting. I get lots of “Floating point error at xxxxxxxx” errors and no demos (little movies that show off coding skill) work anymore either. The only games that work without problems are super old like doom or diablo. I don’t know what to do I have tried everything.

My system specs are
Pentium III 933mhz
GeForce 4 Ti 4200
Windows XP Pro
Service Pack 2
512mb RAM

Tribes 2 uses GL, Homeworld and Everquest use D3D

Did you install chipset drivers, then the video drivers? If you reinstalled Windows from scratch, you have to do that.

I installed my video drivers and nothing else. What are chipset drivers for and where do I get them?

This sounds more like a hardware related problem, especially the floating point errors. Those sound like defective RAM or, in case you tweaked your BIOS settings, a to agressive CAS latency.

It could be a power related problem as well, where the power supply cant deliver enough juice for high load situations.

I would also check if all fans (CPU,GPU & chasis) are still fully functional and that the system doesnt run to hot.

But the first thing you should do is installing the chipset driver as Deguy suggested.

This driver set contains a updated version of the GART driver (among other drivers). The GART driver is a part of the AGP system and maps system memory as AGP memory and contains workarounds for AGP related hardware bugs which where not addressed in the GART that comes with windows.
In case your system is based on a VIA chipset you will need the Hyperion 4in1 drivers from In case its based on a Intel chipset you need to head over to and in case its an SiS chipset you need to go to

So the chipset drivers are basically the motherboard drivers right? What if I have an asus motherboard?

Motherboard manufactures like Asus build there mobos on top of an chipset. Asus build P3 boards with all of the above listet chipsets (Intel,Via & SiS), so I cant tell.

If you have the model number (something like TUV4X), its easier to lookup the chipset since Asus has all the specs of there mobos online.