OpenGL on IBM IntelliStation M Pro

i am using the IBM IntelliStation M Pro(
P4 1.4GHz (256KB), 256MB RAM, 20.4GB HDD IDE, Windows 2000) with the Wildcat II 5110 graphics card.

My problem is, when i try to open an OpenGL window (i.e. with glut or WinAPI) i get the Message “Can’t Create A GL Rendering Context”. The little testing programs compiled successfully. And they ran without any errors on a another IntelliStation with a Matrox card in it.

Does anyone have suggestions, what to check?
I installed the latest driver for WC II 5110. But nothing changed.

If you have questions, please tell me.


BTW: Does anyone know, how to check what opengl version i have on my computer? Is there an entry in the registry?

for the version #


even if you cant create a GL context, you may get a value.

PS: this belongs in the beginners (programming) section