opengl not working with radeon8500

ya as the topic says my opengl is not working iv downloaded the latest driver from what i can tell and still nothing. im running xp pro but i cant get to windows update it freezes for some reason dont know y. so basically i dont know what i can do at this point i have directx and the driver and it should support it. i formatted my comp and reinstalled everything its all the same. thnx for your help aim sn is DeathLeon555 and yahoo is Leon_Corona Leon

What do you mean by “still nothing”? In what way? OpenGL isn’t like a program that you open and use… so what OpenGL program are you trying to run?

like on counter strike it asks wut video format i want and i put opengl but doesnt work and says video mode not supported and i dont no y it says that if iv installed the driver update and stuff but i cant get the service pack 2 so that maybe it