OpenGL Not Working... Win2k???

I am running Windows 2000 with an Asus V7700 32mb GeForce2 GTS card. Homeworld Cataclysm apparently cannot detect OpenGL compliancy despite the fact that I am running the 6.50 Detonator3 official Win2k drivers off the nVidia site. The game simply lists Software and Direct3d as the ONLY rendering systems available. The game does support OpenGL, and Quake3, which is an OpenGL game, runs beautifully. I have SP1 and all relevant Windows 2000 updates/patches from the Microsoft site. I also tried the WHQL-certified 6.62 Detonator3 drivers for Win2k, but they made no difference. If anyone has any ideas, please, advise.

  • Anomaly

Cataclysm doesnt work in opengl on a win2k OS it says so in the readme.txt in the Cataclysm folder…just use D3D looks goos and runs fast

Hey Have u install the latest point release patch 4 Q3A

What point patch are you talking about and where can you get it?

The Point release patch for Q3A can be d/l from this website