OpenGL lockup

For some reason this only happens when using OpenGL. I can run a game using OpenGL and after a random timeperiod ranging from 5 minutes to an hour the computer just locks. Screen freezes and the sound it was playing locks up as well. Nothing I can do but restart the machine. I’ve tried several drivers and OS’s and it still happens. Currently using a TNT2 Ultra. Anyone have any clues to what the problem might be?

yup, same thing here
I got latest drivers for my:

Diamond Monster Fusion (Voodoo Banshee)
Asus P5A Motherboard
AMD k62-450 3D Now!
Soudblaster PCI 128

and still, same problem…any help? problems didnt start until AFTER i installed GL Setup…how perplexing…

Same thing here. Running nvidia gforse2GTS on a p3 800 M.E. DirX8 and Detonator3 driver
version 6.18. PC manufacturer (HP) no help.
Card man. no ideas. Games have no patches.

Does anything in the computer get too hot? (maybe overclocked the graphics adapter?)

k6 boards are knwon to have power supply issues for graphics cards which can lead to crashes.

Hmm. I do run a celeron 300 overclocked to 450. Come to think of it this problem first started when I changed my primary harddisk out with something a tad slower because of a malfunction in the other. Will try to swap harddrives.