openGL location

where is oprnGL located i can’t find mine

OpenGL support is delivered with the drivers for your video card. Drivers are obtainable from the manufacturer of your video card.

I am learning C++ to use with Open GL to make, for now, characters like MechWarrior. I’m doing this because Visual C++6.0 with Dev lib, landed in my lap. I have a friend who uses both C++ and OpenGL to do this very thing. He showed me a place in temp file that stores open GL files. He showed me two opengl files that are suppose to be put into the Visual files. Anybody know what OpenGL files these are and what Visual files they go in?

You need to add the opengl libs to your Project Settings.

Click “Project” -> “Settings”
Under the “Link” tab, add
opengl32.lib and perhaps glu32.lib

also #include the header files