opengl license query

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We are currenlly developing a machine,which is interfaced/controlled by a IBM PC running on Windows 2000R.

We have used OpenGL for 3D display in the GUI.

We are using the OpenGL library that is available by default along with the Windows 2000 OS, and am not modifying upon the OpenGL library source code.

Regarding the OPENGL licensing statement as in

it states ,
"Applications developers DO NOT need to license OpenGL.

Generally, hardware vendors that are creating binaries to ship with their hardware are the only developers that need to have a license. If an application developer wants to use the OpenGL API, the developer needs to obtain copies of a linkable OpenGL library for a particular hardware device or machine. Those OpenGL libraries may be bundled with the development and/or run-time options or may be purchased from a third-party software vendor without licensing the source code or use of the OpenGL trademark."
My doubt are

  1. as we will be shipping the software binaries along with the machine/hardware do we need to get a license?

  2. As we are using the opengl library that comes by default with the Windows 2000 OS which is registered,do we need to get a seperate license?

  3. Does the OpenGL GPL terms require us to publish the source code of the application built?

1.) No
2.) No
3.) No

You only need a license if you do an OpenGL implementation on your own. If you are just USE an existing OpenGL implementation, there is no need for a license.

For example ID Software (Quake2, Quake3, Doom3) uses OpenGL as well. They dont have a license nor do they need to publish their source code.

OpenGL licenses are usally required for 3d card/chip makers who write an OpenGL implementation thats optimized for their hardware.

You may want to ask this question on the “coding: advanced” board which is read by people from ATI, SGI, NVIDIA, …