OpenGL Lagging games on new OS

I just loaded up Windows XP on a partitioned drive (ME is on the other part.) Liked what I’m seeing…but when I went to run Tribes…bit older game and all, noticed the OpenGL settings had been turned off. When I turned them back on, the game was lagging REAL bad…can barely move the mouse over to change them back to software settings.

On my Win ME, they work just fine…they give me all the nice purddy graphics I’m looking for. Why is it lagging on XP and what can I do about it?

Don’t think its a hardware problem…running a 900mhz laptop with 512mb ram and 32 Geforce card, and as I said…it worked before.


Make sure you get the latest drivers the drivers that come with XP have opengl thru DirectX. If it is a Dell goto the Dell’s customer forum and look thru the video posts for your model someone has posted the latest drivers hacked to work with Geforce2 Go. Also try has the some there also, there are toshiba drivers as well.