OpenGL isn't working right

Hi… I’m a gamer… and as a gamer, i need openGL to play most games, but, when i try to run any games, the requires OpenGL.
It works fine for a few minuttes, if it’s not a very big game,
I have NVIDIA geForce FX 5600 gfx card. and it worked fine the first couple of months, nothing wrong ever happend, but then 1 time when i was playing… my hole Screen froze, but the music kept playing for a while, then it started to “studder” or repeat it self too… then, silence, and the screen unfroze again, so did the music…
but now the screen/game that requires OpenGL, is filled up with small squers (dont know how to explain it better) like in CS i can see trough walls at some places because of the squers…
And the only way i can reset the openGL thingy to be normal, is by restarting my comp… :confused:

I’m just wondering if any of you could help me with that, It’s very annoying, cause i can’t play any of the new games that’s coming out…

well anyway, in advance thx…

PS: dont have any install CD’s to my gfx card… :frowning:

  1. download the latest drivers for the card at, this could help to clear up a few problems.

  2. the problem is probably caused by overheating so if you can, increase the airflow in your computer somehow, perhaps by adding a extra fan or checking if there are any dust or whatever in there obstructing the airflow.
    Perhaps open a window if the ambient temerature inside is to high.

The little squares are memory coruption artifacts, if that happens there are no alternatives to rebooting.

You may also want to try reseating your graphics card, make sure that the card is properly and firmly in the AGP or PCI Express card slot.

If your problems persist try a new graphics card.

This definitely does not seem to be software related and isn’t directly an OpenGL problem.

Best of luck.

Perhaps open a window if the ambient temerature inside is to high.
I’m just laughing my a** off. Never expected to read something like this at

But by the way: I “enjoyed” those problems when I overclocked my ol’ GeForce3. Are you sure your card is working like it should?

This happened to me a few days ago. Get a benchmark program and check your processor and graphics card performance. Clean out your computer with compressed air (or a straw if you’re cheap) and run it again. My games run smooth now and there are no problems.

thx for all the tips… I didn’t know, well i had a feeling, but i didn’t know this wasn’t a openGL problem, cause, it only happens to openGL games, But I’m glad for you r taking the time, helping me anyways :slight_smile:

Thank you again and, cya around :slight_smile: