OpenGL is attempting to read my video card as a

generic, default device. My renderer is showing as GDI Generic instead of Nvidia rend_ogl.dll (if that’s the proper file). I have changed drivers several times and nothing works. Looked at BIOS and everything looks okay there.

PIII, 1.0 gig, 256 RAM, GeForce4 Ti 4400 128 MB are my system specs. Currently running 29.XX drivers. D3D works absolutely flawless!!!

Let me know if you need any more information.

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With a p3 1 gigahertz machine, I’m assuming you upgraded the video card recently. What card was in there before? Did you uninstall the old drivers?

I’ve had an issue before where I didn’t have directx8.1 installed, so the nvidia drivers didn’t work right for opengl and showed up as generic, so make sure you have directx 8.1 installed.

I previously had a GeForce2 GTS Pro that came installed in the system. I am currently running DirectX 8.1.

If I do a dirty install of DirectX 8.1 or perhaps an uninstall/reinstall and a dirty install of WinMe, could this possibly cure my problem?

I did fully delete the old drivers prior to installing the new card and new drivers.

Hmmmm… I’m not sure what you mean by “dirty” installs. And I can’t think of a good reason why that would be occuring. Perhaps try the drivers offered by the card manufacturer, if they offer different drivers from nVIDIA.

Sorry bud, I don’t have any other good ideas, but let us know if you figure it out.

By dirty install, I just mean re-installing over what’s already there.

Did you have a virus software running at the time of install…if so somee dlls will not load

hmmm, DX has nothing to do with opengl.
goto and downlaod your driver.

//edit// be sure to specify what your card is.


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Originally posted by V-man:
hmmm, DX has nothing to do with opengl.

Definitely true, however the driver installs have dependencies on DirectX. I installed a recent nVIDIA driver on a machine in our test lab with a TNT2, and my OpenGL apps couldn’t create a rendering context. Checked Directx version, it was version 7, while the nVIDIA driver requires 8.1. After updating to 8.1 and re-installing the driver (and several reboots later, heh) my apps worked fine.

That’s interesting. But the significant difference between DX7 and 8 is D3D (talking about graphics here) and the nvidia ogl driver isnt a wrap on d3d.

Unfortunatly I already have DX8 so it’s a problem to test this myself.

Ill ask this on the developers group.