OpenGL in win2k

Ive installed the latest OpenGL drivers for win2k, updated win2k with windows update and every one or two days… OpenGL will just stop working.
ANY openGL program you try to run, wont work.

I cant think of ANY reason WHY this would happen… ( Yes i did install NVIDIA drivers )
Nvidia Geforce2 MX400
Duron 800Mhz 256Mb ram

Trying to find help on the nvidia website = hopeless, 3dfx had better support than they ever did…

anyway, if you know of a way, reply here or email me at

hEY! i knoW that guy!!!

0.o The thing with opengl in win2k is… its a 50/50 chance it will work. This was done on purpose by microsoft so that you have to use DirectX. I cant help you out, but sometimes the beta drivers dont have the same restrictions as retail ones do…