OpenGl in IL-2 Forgotten Battles


Win 98se
Athlon 900
Radeon 8500le 128mb
Catalyst 3.2 drivers
DirectX 8.1

I have IL-2 and IL-2 FB. I could run both of these in DirectX and Opengl on a Radeon 7500 but recently changed to Radeon 8500le. IL-2 runs in DirectX and openGL but when I try to run FB in OpenGL, it does run but when I exit, I get an Illegal Operation message ferring to OpenGL32.dll having a page fault in module … Any ideas what could be causing this and if I just accept it as an annoyance, will it do any harm?


Pat Macguire

not familiar with the ATi cards as the last one I owned was a fury II. however, it sounds like you just have some dirver issue. as long as it doesn’t cause any other issues (dumping you back to the desktop in the middle of an application or sumsuch) you would probably be safe waiting for newer drivers to see if they fix it. you could also try going back to a previous set of drivers. there have been many times that a little dirver stepback will clear up an odd issue or two, for me at least.