OpenGL, hardware acceleration


I have a problem with “Future Pinball” on my computer.
I’m having two monitors, running one on a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, and the other (secondary) monitor on a S3 graphics Inc. Trio 3D.

The Future Pinball program requests thar I engage “Hardware Acceleration” - saying that it find my OpenGL to be running in software mode.
Both my monitors are running 1024 x 768 pixel, in 32 bit colourdepth.

How and where can I change this setting, from software-mode to hardware-acceleration ?

Which one is your primary display? Perhaps the game runs only on primary display and in your case it’s S3.
Another reason could be that you have Microsoft’s drivers installed for our GeForce. In this case you should download drivers from NVIDIA site.
If the game has some setup option to select another display device, then try it.

Disable secondary monitor :slight_smile:

Check first that hardware acceleration slider is set to “full”, in advanced tabs on the display control panel or something.

There are other ways, but I am not too familiar with them.

Normally only the primary monitor can have full hardware acceleration (windows limitation).
So if your GL window is on only in the primary screen, and is handled by the nvidia card, it should work. But I guess for a fullscreen game it may be messy. Maybe only the detection does not work. What is your OS ? What does glinfo2 reports as driver vendor version etc ?

Having two card of the same brand helps, the smae make is even better, as you can instruct the driver to accelerate one card to the max, or both cards with lower perf.

The best is having one card with dual screen output. Most are like this nowadays. This allow full acceleration on both screens, bypassing the win32 limitations.

I’m using only one monitor, not two, but here’s how I solved the problem.

I got the same “OpenGL is running in software mode” error with Future Pinball. I was using the newest video drivers, so I figured that my graphics card, an NVIDIA 6600GT, wasn’t powerful enough.

But all I had to do was open FP’s options, unselect “Full-screen”, and use one of the windowed modes instead. The highest one, 1260x940, worked fine.

It doesn’t seem like that much of a difference—a 1260x940 window on a 1260x1024 display—but for some reason, other issues occur when you try to use the entire screen.

Hope this helps.