OpenGL hardware Acceleration no enable

Hello, i am using a Visiontek ati radeon 2400 hd pro pci card, and i was viewing some info in pcwizard2008 and it said this card only has opengl software mode, hardware acceleration is not enable.

I am using the lastest drivers, but i think visiontek needs to fix/update their drivers. My question, how come a directx10 card doesn’t have opengl acceleration enable, could it be a driver issue, is there a program to enable it???

It cause major trouble in some of my games, choppyness, slow fps, you name it.

A few questions:

  • Where did you get these “latest” drivers from. You should download them from the AMD/ATI website.

  • Have you previously had a different video card in your computer? Often these issues are caused by the old card’s driver not being un-installed correctly. The only sure fix for this is to typically re-install the OS. (not nice)

I downloaded the drivers from that site, and my 6200 never had this problem. Its only in my 2400 HD card. I just notice the no hardware acceleration information today.

Is there other programs out there, that i can view my information, maybe pcwizard is detecting it wrong.

Sure try this program:

If you see “Microsoft” as the Vendor (instead of AMD/ATI) your drivers are not installed correctly.

You say you had a 6200 - Is that a Nvidia 6200? and is this the same computer?

It says ATI technologies Inc. The drivers are install correctly, also here is what someone told me over at one of the GL forums:

" It’s ATI problems with OpenGL 2.1. Their drivers are not optimized. (I even suspect it is software emulated) "

What does he mean by that, would the issue be fixed if visiontek release a better driver?

You said in your first post: “pro pci card”. Is it really PCI or PCI Express? If it is PCI, you won’t be able to get good performance in any case since the bus capacity is 133MB/s versus 4-8GB/s on PCI Express.

AFAIK, ATI doens’t have issues with their drivers regarding the standard OpenGL 2.1 implementation. I’m running on an old FireGL V3100 at work, and ATI’s OpenGL 2.1 implementation works like a charm.

Yea its a PCI card, a new card created and release by Visiontek.
I do get good performance tho, for example in games like timeshift the game runs perfectly.

Now keep in mind, doesn’t matter if its PCI, my 6200 performs better with certain games over the 2400. I think the whole thing going on is, it says this card doesn’t have opengl hardware acceleration, thats the only problem i can see. I hope visiontek release a new driver to fix it.

Just a update, i am back using the wonderful 6200 PCI card and everything is working smoother then the 2400 hd pro and also, in pcwizard where it says no hardware acceleration for the 2400, well it says hardware acceleration for the 6200 pci card.

So really the 2400 is a crap card or Visiontek doesn’t know how to create drivers for the 2400 card.


If the OS is Windows, then there may be an option. When I had an issue with NVidia drivers (lo-res modes like 320x200 got lost and I want them), they suggested me to uninstall the current driver and clean it with a program called “Driver Sweeper” (it’s free, by the way) and then install the new driver. I remark it cleans up several kind of drivers, not just NVidia’s, so it may be helpful. Check if your old driver can be cleaned using it. Cleaning must be done while in Safe mode, of course. Link if anyone is interested:

PS: edited brackets in nick to prevent BBCode freaking up.

PS2: despite the fact that Driver Sweeper has “Guru3D” before the name, it actually can clean up non-video drivers.

PS3: before anybody complains (just in case), I’m not trying to advertise, it’s just a suggestion >_> It worked for me.

Sik, the problem has already been notice, the card does not support opengl hardware acceleration, that is the main issue which i believe. Its a driver issue or a card issue, if the 2400 pci version really doesn’t support hardware opengl acceleration, well that was really lazy on Visiontek part, if not, well they need to make a driver that fixes the issue.

Either way i am back using my 6200, no problems there.

I just wanted to remark that there are alternatives to having to reinstall the OS for cleaning up the drivers. Anyways, I really want to know how can a driver leave leftovers, and how can those leftovers affect other drivers… If it causes trouble, then the drivers suck, period >_>