Opengl graphix mode

When ever I play a game that can be put to an OpenGL mode it says “Your video Card does not support this.” I used to be able to Play with this mode on but Now i cant. Can somebody please tell me what to do? Thanx

Hope someone who reads your post is psychic…

Seriously, what KIND of card do you have? What are your system specs? What is your video card driver version? What kind of games are you talking about?

Im using a Geforce 3 graphix card, Pentium 4 Processer, Dell. No biggy. I installed and ran Detonator RIP but still it dun work ><.

You only answered about 1/2 the questions I asked… and then, only vaguely.

I hope you at least read and followed the Detonator RIP instructions… as opposed to simply running the program.