OpenGL graphics card

I’m currently getting into OpenGL, but I’ve experienced that my graphics card only supports OpenGL 3.0.
So i was looking for a modern graphics card but soon got lost under the large product range on the market.
What I want is a graphics card which supports one of the latest OpenGL versions (4.3. would be perfect) while not being too expensive.
I really don’t need a high-end graphics card - just one that supports a halfway new OpenGL version so that I can learn and try the OpenGL features of this versions.
Is there a graphics card on the market which meets my expectations and can you give me some advice please?
I really want to spend as little money as possible as I’m still a student.

Thank you in advance,

First thing, if you have a Mac you’re SoL - you’re stuck with the version supported by your OS, even if your card actually can support a higher version.

Assuming you’re not on a Mac, if you want 4.3 you need NVIDIA - AMD still don’t have a full 4.3 driver, so if you’ve a preference for AMD you’re also SoL.

From there, one of the cards listed on this page should get you up and running with GL4.3: - there are quite a few older ones there, as well as the latest and greatest, and you should be even able to pick up something suitable in a bargain bin.

Thank you for your answer!

I looked through the list and I think I’d go for a cheap one: GeForce GT 610
My current graphics card is the NVidia Quadro FX 1800.

How would they possibly compare (since they are different product categories)?
Is it possible to have them both running simultaneous but developing my OpenGL applications on the GeForce card?
I wouldn’t want to enable/disable the cards everytime I’m programming.