OpenGL gets really bad FPS whereas Direct3d Doesn't

In every game that I have used OpenGL (Serious Sam, Unreal Tournament, etc.) I get really really bad FPS, but in UT when i switch to Direct3d (in serious sam opengl is the only choice), Direct3d runs really good, I can run Unrealtournament at 1600x1200 fps with high textures. but even at 640x480 in Serious Sam (opengl) it lags with all textures on low.

My system info is:
CPU: 800mhz
MEMORY: 348mb
VIDEO: Diamond TNT2 Ultra 32mb (with latest detonator drivers.)(have tried manufacturer’s drivers, also does not work.)

So what’s the point of your post? TNT2 sucks?

the issue is not about a point you imbecile, it was inquiring if anyone had any insite into how to fix this problem.

Well then… fixing this… the only way to fix low fps is to install new drivers… voodoo 3 also had really crappy fps before the 1.07 drivers… since im not a TNT2 user… i dont know where to get new drivers for your card… maybe try ?
Also… try to be more specific as to the card youre using u just said Diamond TNT2 Ultra… did u mean the Viper 770 or the other Vipers?
And finally… try looking for tweaked/third-party drivers for your card… like GLSetup… i looked a (not)very long time on the net to find which had all the drivers i even wanted for my V3. is very good place to start

And dont call me an imbecile… i was only kiddin ya

Another thing: TNT2 does suck… the only good thing is that it supports 32 bit color… so my second piece advice for u is to go buy a better card… maybe a Voodoo 5? it is good… and somewhat cheap… yeyeye… i know what ure thinkin: “no 3dfx = no support”… wussy… go get it anyway… the drivers that exist now are good… and more and more people are takin it up to themselves to make their own drivers for the voodoo’s… so voodoo aint dead, its still great… at least… better than that TNT2. The Geforce 3 is the only card that is better than V5… but r u gonna spend $300 on it??? (Geforce 2 is also a miniscule, tiny little jump ahead of V5, but its still $150-200… so V5 is just as good in the graphics and better in the price)

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