im just wondering if GeForce3 is currently supported by opengl

Yes, but you have to use developer drivers if you are on Windows.

I’m not sure what gl_man is talking about. Yes, the GeForce 3 (at least my Visiontek card) supports OpenGL, and ships with both D3D and OpenGL drivers (Detonator drivers version 12.00, I believe).

mine comes with my pc so i dont have opengl 1.2 cd and where do you get nvidia detonator 12? i only got detonator 3 version 6.53

Ah, I think I understand now. The problem is that Nvidia is not providing reference drivers on their website yet. However, I didn’t get my GF3 with a new computer, I bought a Visiontek GF3, which shipped with a CD containing the Detonator (3?) drivers version 12.00 (I think), which obviously Nvidia had given to Visiontek, and presumably other vendors have their particular versions as well. But if you didn’t buy the GF3 off the shelf, and consequently don’t have a driver CD, I think you’re out of luck for right now, unless as gl_man says you can get your hands on some development drivers.

Every driver abobve version 6.50 is unofficial and unsupported developer drivers. You can get them at .