Opengl Geforce2 and Win2k/XP - time for change!

I, like many others have the same problems with Windows 2K and geforce2 card that has been plagueing so many people. No company seems to want to touch it. The makers of OpenGl refuse to make an installer for win2k/xp, leaving us at the mercy of Microsoft and various vendors. Instead of creating an intelligent installer and quality driver packages, we have been left out in the cold. I’m asking those who have the skill to look at this situation and begin developing for this platform so that we do not have to rely on “whomever” to make a driver for us. There should be an authoritative place where everyone can go to get the best driver. There is a place for DirectX - why not OpenGl? This makes no sense, I cannot see how OpenGL is going to survive if this is the way it is going to be administrated. There is virtually NOTHING here for anyone who doesn’t have a consumer system that is pre-Windows2000! The proponents of OpenGl are contributing to it’s demise, and that’s a damn shame.

I don’t think you understand how OpenGL works.

The video card manufacturer makes their own hardware, and designs it to meet the specs developed by the OpenGL governing board (ARB). It is up to the manufacturer to provide a device driver that meets the requirements of opengl.

And contrary to your belief, it isn’t that much different with DirectX, the manufacturer still has to design their drivers to be DirectX compliant.

That’s why i say it’s time for CHANGE, my friend. The manufacturers need to work on making thier hardware compliant to ONE standard of OpenGL that any user can get fron one particular place that creates it (like it used to be with SGI). Right now it’s just confusion with everyone making their own drivers. This is an extra step that shouldn’t be necessary. Wheb I want to install DirectX, I go to one place to get it - Microsoft. Hardware manufacturers don’t design their own installations of DirectX, they just make their devices live up to the standard and work with it. OpenGl would be much more efficient if it worked the same way, and developer’s live would be much easier knowing there are no surprises down the road, because they are coding for ONE STANDARD. I hope the OpenGL committee will look at this issue, the foolishness of it’s current handling is making OpenGL look really bad.

Oh, yes - and let me add that I am not writing in praise of the way OpenGL works. I’m writing for CHANGE. I know how it works already - it doesn’t.