OpenGL Games =/

Searched through all of the forums and havent seen a solution that has worked for me yet unfortunately.
Millenium Matrox G450 Video Card
655MB Ram
Sound Blaster PCI 512
AMD Athlon 1gig processor

The main problem is that no games that require OpenGl work such as Counter-Strike and Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. Need all the help i can get, thx =D

KepT Searchin through…saw what type of virus protection do you have? Currently I have nothing but plan on putting Norton on Soonish.

Hey, i know i must update my OpenGl driver, but, im running on win2000 and voodoo3.
I need to update my OpenGl driver, but, OpenGl cant be updated if your running win2000, so i need to contact the voodoo3 site and ask them for a good OpenGl driver…
You can gues… voodoo is out of buisniss so i cant ask them ANYTHING… anyone can help me ? please …

For the Voodoo3, try


Or upgrade to a Geforce2mx or RadeonLE for about $50.