Opengl games are all white?!?!?

For every game that uses Opengl, any engine, EVERY texture is white. But, the shading and lighting is still their, and weapon models in HL are still their, yet corrupt. I am running a 333MHz AMD K6-2 3d with 128mb ram, and an ATI Xpert98…i have tried reinstalling drivers, gettin new ones, replacing ICD’s, opengl32.dll…the works…

I have contacted ATI a million times, with no avail. I have reinstalled Opengl 1.1 (or sumthing) of that didnt work either. All I play is Half Life and QuakeII DAY Normandy.please help!!

o…and im using WIN98…that dumb DVA+0 thing doesnt work either…it isnt even their…and whats with those dumb smilies??

If I recall correctly the Xpert98 came with 4MB or 8MB on board videomemory. If all the texture are white it means the textures couldnt be loaded mostlikely because the isnt enough videomemory available.

You need a better 3d card (the Xpert was crap even it came out and that was 3-4 years ago).

Try to get a cheap ATI Radeon or Nvidia GeforceMX.

i know…but it used to work…thats the thing…and i have 8mb.and it runs Half Life runs smooth…so…