OpenGL game developemnt - help narrow my choice.

Just some thought as i try to decide on game library or no game library for my game demo. I am deciding whether i should just use OpenGL and C++ and build a 3d scene with imported content with simple navigation and interaction that cause simple triggers to happen like door opening, and collusion just so objects dont pass through each other, and perhaps cause death, or cause another character to call an animation like ‘run away’. Would that be too much, would a game engine/library help so much more greatly with the triggering and animation calling i plan to use?

Which would be easier and faster? Do i really need a game library for my demo.

Currently i am going to use OpenGL and C++ and SDL. I only want to use a game engine/library if it would help quite a bit. Though NeoAxis has caught my eye, im tempted to use that but then theres Unity3d but that apparently is only for web :frowning: For my demo, which do yall think is better. I was getting through Panda3d but darn, i hatesit learning the class/library as i also learn python. Im trying to refresh, whether i should continue with Panda3d, use another game library, or just the raw OpenGL and C++.

OpenGL is a low-level library that is optimal for pushing triangles but even to load a simple 3D model with textures and lighting takes some effort. If you are more interested in getting a game up and running you may want to take advantage of some open source libraries based on top of openGL. It really depends on how complicated your game demo concept is. Maybe try writing a simple 2D game with collisions completely from C++/openGL/SDL – something like a simplified version of your concept.

Or irrlicht would help you quite a bit – look for the tutorial examples under documentation there. Maybe take a look at Newton for what’s involved in a collision/physics library.

Ok thank you. I guess i should just use a game library :slight_smile: