OpenGL Forums Moving - Please Read

As previously discussed, the OpenGL forums will ne merged into the current Khronos Forums. The OpenGL forums are not closing. This merge will take place within 1-2 weeks from January 21st 2019.

All accounts on the OpenGL forums, along with their posts will be moved to the Khronos Forums, and, where there is an existing account with a matching email address, the OpenGL account and posts will be merged into the account with the matching email address. This is regardless of username. The username on the Khronos forums will take precedence. In the case of different email address and matching usernames, the OpenGL username will be prepended with ‘imported_’ (i.e.: johndoe will become imported_johndoe on the Khronos forums).

If you prefer not to have your OpenGL account merged into an existing Khronos account, please ensure your email address is different on both accounts.

If you do not want your account to move to the Khronos Forums, please contact us, and we will ensure your OpenGL account is closed. When closing an OpenGL accounts, the posts are retained with the username, and all personally identifiable information is removed, along with the account itself.

Once the merge is complete, the process of moving the newly merged forums to Discourse will begin.

Reason for merge: Maintaining two forums and splitting conversations between these two forums is not very elegant. As well, OpenGL and Khronos forums are still using vBulletin, which is a bit archaic by todays standards. By merging the two forums and moving to a modern platform (Discourse), we are aiming to be able to serve the developers that use Khronos standards much better.

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I notice that some account details were lost during the move. For example the profile picture. More importantly, ignore lists.

I’ll look at the ignore lists. Thank you for posting this.